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Huxbrook Digital Tea Scale

Huxbrook Digital Tea Scale

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We can't stress this enough — you need a tea scale. A scale is so important when it comes to loose leaf tea because it is so difficult to accurately measure it any other way.

Teaspoons and tablespoons may be fine for low quality, broken leaves of uniform size, but the world of specialty tea is comprised of vastly different tea shapes and sizes, many of them simply too voluminous to attempt to measure in a spoon.

Consider for a moment that 1 tablespoon of tightly rolled oolong leaves weighs the same amount as a 1/4 cup of silver needles. For that matter, large leaf styles such as silver needles, white peony, and strip-style oolongs are simply unwieldy when placed in a measuring spoon. 

The Huxbrook Digital Tea Scale is simple, sleek, and accurate to the miligram.

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