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Organic Shu Puerh
Organic Shu Puerh
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Organic Shu Puerh

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A great entry into the vast world of puerh and other fermented teas, Organic Shu Puerh is an organic blend of ancient heirloom varieties from mountain villages in southern Yunnan, China. Comprised of multiple vintages averaging 2-4 years in age, this shu, or ripe, style of puerh is wet pile fermented over 4-8 weeks, then compressed and aged in a tightly controlled environment. Naturally probiotic, shu puerh is excellent for digestive health, has been shown to reduce cholesterol, and has historically been consumed to aid in weight loss.

Fermentation and cave aging yields an exceptionally complex bouquet of damp earth, mushroom, and cocoa, with subtle dried fruit and spice on the palate. The unique character of puerh is best revealed over multiple steeps.

50 grams per package

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